Uploading photos

The marker for the western terminus of the Lincoln Highway sits among shrubs behind the bus stop at the Legion on Honor. The marker itself is a tall rectangular cement slab. On the right side is engraved, western terminus of the Lincoln Highway. On the left is a circular plaque of Abraham Lincoln in profile, with the highway sign painted below it. The highway sign is the letter L on a white rectangle, with a red stripe at the top and a blue stripe at the bottom.

I’m slowly uploading photos from the trip so far. It’s easiest to get shots from my phone backed up or into flickr, since it can connect to wifi and upload when it can. The actual camera is taking amazing photos, but transferring them to anything involves taking out the SD card, putting the card into a card-to-USB converter, then sticking that into a USB-to-USB-C converter.

I’m also slowly updating the photos on flickr so they have not only proper location tags but good descriptions as well. flickr doesn’t have alt text on photos, and using the description field to be as detailed as possible is at least a bit more accessible.

Photos from the trip are grouped into albums on my flickr account. Updates with reviews for dining and lodging are slow-going too, but when they are done, I hope they will be helpful for someone!