The beginning of the journey

car trouble
A Philz coffee cup on a cafe table outside the shop. 24th Street in the Mission is faded in the background.

Here we are! I made it to the west coast for adventure in San Francisco. It’s been quite a time just getting here. Longer than expected drives, torrential downpours, and car issues troubled the trip, but I made it through.

The biggest issue was the rental car; several warning and maintenance lights came on, and I wasn’t sure if it was safe to continue in that car. Luckily, I was able to stop at a rental counter at the Bakersfield airport, and they switched me to a hybrid compact SUV. It’s taking some time to learn how to handle it when I’m used to compact sedans.

My first stop in town is Philz, and even though I can get Philz back in DC, this is the original Philz in the Mission. I’m in a very happy place.

There will be more blogging, at least over the next couple days, while I have fairly reliable wifi access. I’ve had dinner with friends, a delightful brunch, and a detour to Santa Cruz. There is much to tell! and so many photos to upload.